I want to build your new website!

Looking for the right person to build your new website or to redevelop your current site? Contact me today "Mike Howey" I help people from the ground up get the perfect website. My prices are much lower than most website design companys and I guarantee you'll have a better end product. I can get your new website up quickly at a great price.
What have I done? - Custom web store - Business and Homeowner lead service - Athlete Network - Catering and Fine Food - Local Dance Studio - Florida keys real estate - Air Charter Service - Deals and Promotions

to name a few...
I can create a basic 4 page website for your business or an endless social network.
**** Contact me before May 30th 2014 for a super deal!
What about time frame?
Smaller websites 4- 10 pages can be online and in Google in as little as 3 days. Larger web stores and social networks in as little as 30 days depending on the scope.
What about price?
So I claim my prices are low but what does that mean? A basic new business website including 1 year of hosting ranges from $350 to $850 depending of the project scope.  A custom social network, music or dating community or web store can range from $850 to $4,500. A lot of factors come into play to determine the price.
Again the prices above includes hosting and adding the website in the search engines....
Why use me "Mike Howey" to build your website?
I've been creating websites since the beginning of time.. well 1999ish. Typically a new customer on mine stays with me for the life of their website. I pick up the phone when it rings which is more than most other web design companies can say. I put my heart and love in to each project. I give advise based on years of experience and what I would do if it were my website. Not based on me making more money.
Want a web developer with years of experience that you can trust?
Call me today -
( Well, if it's after 12am est call me tomorrow )


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Article posted on Tue, May 27, 2014 - 12:17 AM
I want to build your new website!
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